North Cyprus Folklore

The cultural activities and art in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus have an important part in the life of the people. These activities run in two different channels. The government takes an active part in providing the citizens with every aspect of the cultural and artistic activities while the private enterprises and associations also contribute to these in great quantities. Culture
The Constitution of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is rather liberal and protects the rights of the artists and arts with the item 62 entitled as the Protection of the Legal Rights of the Artists and the Culture by saying that:

1- The state creates the necessary liberal medium for the development of the arts, and takes precautions for the protection, encouragement, supporting and awarding the creativity of the artists.

2- The state enables the citizens to take part and to have equal opportunities to have the benefit of the cultural life, new scientific developments and their resulting contributions, and to have their rights protected for obtaining the benefits out of the available opportunities

Cultural Activities
Libraries and publications
Fine arts
Folk art
TV, radio and cinemas

Also, research activities for the cultural history of the island and celebration of the bairams and festivals are the efforts to preserve and protect the past culture alive in the society.