Molehiya (Molohiya)


Ingredients - 4 people

About six hands full of dried molehiya (may also use fresh leaves if desired)
1 glass of lemon juice
6 tablespoons of olive oil
1 onion
12 cloves of garlic
3 tomatoes
500gr of chicken pieces (you can use meat as well)
4 glasses of water (enough to cover all the ingredients)
2 tablespoons of tomato paste
0,5 teaspoon of hot chilly paste
1 chicken cube


Place the molehiya leaves in a pot with the required amount of cold water and bring the water to boil. Next use a strainer to drain the leaves by squeezing the water out of them. In the meantime saute the chicken pieces in the pressure cooker with the olive oil. To this add the chopped garlic cloves and the chopped onion and the peeled and diced tomatoes. After this process add the drained molehiya leaves, the lemon juice, the chilli and tomato paste, the chicken cube and salt to taste. Before closing the lid of the pressure cooker cover the ingredients with adequate amount of water. Lock the lid of the cooker and after the sound of the first whistle, allow another 20 minutes for it to be ready for service.