The interest of the Turkish people in drama dates back to their origin in Anatolia. Shadow plays such as Karagoz and Hacivat and satirical drams such as tuluat are the origin of this art. The modern drama in the European sense started early in 1900 by clubs, schools or associations and followed with enthusiasm by the local people. Plays and musical dramas written by local composers have gained the appreciation of the people. Theater groups frequently visiting North Cyprus from Turkey also contribute to the cultural activities in North Cyprus.
The first theater group, Ilk Sahne was established as an independent theater in 1963 and this was later on changed its status and became the State Theater - Ilk Sahne (First Stage) in 1966. With the increasing number of the graduates from the Theater and Music Faculties and also the candidates who attended some special classes, the number of staff of the theater increased in time. The state theater has opened its stages in a new building after 1974 and it is carrying on its activities under the directory of Cyprus Turkish State Theater. More then a hundred plays have been put on the stage until today by this group with continuous plays within the country and abroad while it is also hosting the theater groups visiting North Cyprus from time to time. The Theater of Lefkosa Municipality, a group separated from the state theater, established in 1980 also put plays on the stage in its own theater hall in Leflosa. This was followed by other groups in other towns, each establishing their own theater groups. They also organize special classes for the training of young amateur artists and performed plays for the children as well.