Festivals in North Cyprus

Folk music and dancing are to be found at North Cyprus` many festivals and fairs throughout the year. The most important of these festivals are:

- Guzelyurt (Morphou) Orange Festival
- Watermelon Festival
- Iskele Festival
- Karpas Grape & Wine Festival
- Famagusta Sea Festival
- Famagusta International Culture & Arts Festival
- 20th July Freedom Celebrations
- 23rd April Children`s Day festival
- 19th May Youth Festival
- Kyrenia International Arts Festival (at Bellapais).

The Cypriot Turkish people keep on the principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk`s ideas on secularism. The society life and education system is based on these principles. The faiths and beliefs of the Turkish Cypriots relating to religious bairams have an important place in their life. Some of the old traditions for the celebrating of the bairams are still carried on with enthusiasm.

The feasting month Ramazan and the Bayram following this, as well as the Kurban Bairam which is the time of sacrificing animals to donate to the poor people, is celebrated every year. This is the time of paying respect to the elders by visiting them and buying presents or giving money to the children. Visitors are being offered with Turkish type of sweets during their short visits. A fair place is also opened for the entertainment of the people especially the children.

Local festivals are arranged by the municipality of each city or village is bringing much cultural activities in Cyprus. The most important festival is the national celebration for peace operation in 20th July every year. Every kind of cultural activity is offered within the one week program.