The Turkish people had newspapers published in Cyprus since the middle of the nineteenth century. These are providing local and universal news while they also contribute to the cultural life of the society.

The Turkish people had their first radio stations opened in 1964. Bayrak was the first one and Canpolat, and Lefke radios joined to this line in the same year soon.

Today, BRT has been developed as a state organization broadcasting on medium and FM frequencies as Radio One and Radio 2. The most important development in this field took place by the transmission of TRT programs and introducing a fully Turkish television programs for the Turkish society, while the establishment of local Television station in 1975 gave the opportunity to the Turkish society in North Cyprus to produce their own programs.

Until then the Turkish Society were more attracted to the cinemas. There were active cinemas until 1980. The introduction of video-tapes and increasing number of the TV. channels led to the decline of the cinema business but there is an attempt to revive this mood within the last few years and now new cinemas halls are contributing to cultural life of TRNC. A new regulation is under its way to enable the private enterprises to broadcast TV and radio program as well.