You Know You Are In Cyprus When

  1. A mercedes is not a car, it`s a Taxi.
  2. Talking sounds just like arguing.
  3. You walk around in jumpers when 25 C....
  4. ...but put your airconditioning to 15 C and still find it hot.
  5. Going to buy a newspaper needs at least a 10 minute make-up.
  6. Not smoking is considered `weird`.
  7. Not eating meat is unthinkable.
  8. You take a generator when camping (to supply your fridge, micro, TV!).
  9. All men over 30 look 50.
  10. You text message people sitting at the same table with you.
  11. You text message whilst lifting weights.
  12. Police park on the book you for a parking offence.
  13. It`s truly a task telling the difference between a pimp and undercover police.
  14. Translation of `thank you` is..... "thank you".
  15. Translation of `sorry` is....."sorry".
  16. The first thing a police officer asks you is "what does your dad do?".
  17. The messenger/clerk of a Ministry can get you a job!
  18. Your next door neighbour cooks "shish kebab" all Sundays of the year.
  19. The pick-up truck in front of you has charcoal fuming at the back..getting it ready for the time it reaches the beach!
  20. You call everyone "koumbare"(`best man`)...and they probably are!