The TRNC`s educational system aims to develop fully the abilities of all individuals, young and old, both for their personal benefit as well as that of the society as a whole. The educational system in the TRNC can be broadly defined in three parts:

Pre-School Education: Pre-School Education is provided by kindergartens for children between the ages of 5 and 6.

Primary Education: Primary school education is provided at as elementary school and designed for the 7-11 age-group, it lasts for 5 years and is free and compulsory.

Secondary Education: Secondary Education is provided at two stages. First Stage (Secondary-Junior) lasts for three years is intended for children in the 12-14 age-group. It is free and compulsory. Second stage is designed for the 15-17 age-group and has a 3 year programme of instruction. It is provided by high schools known as Lycee`s and vocational schools. The technical and vocational schools are comprised of commercial Lycee`s technical training schools, the vocation of agriculture, the school of nursing and mid-wifery.

Higher Education: In the TRNC, university education is provided by the Teachers Training College, The Eastern Mediterranean University, Anadolu University, Open Faculity of Economics and Business Administration, Girne American University, Near East University, European University of Lefke and International American University.

University education can also be pursued abroad. Most of the students receive their higher education in Turkey. United Kingdom occupies the first position among the other countries.