Northern Cyprus (Windrush Island Guides)

Book - North Cyprus - Northern Cyprus (Windrush Island Guides)

Northern Cyprus (Windrush Island Guides)
by John Goulding, Margaret Goulding

Release Date: January 1995


Publisher: Cassell reference

ISBN: 090007504X     Northern Cyprus (Windrush Island Guides)
Northern Cyprus offers magnificent beaches, superb scenery and a wealth of historical remains, from the ruins of classical Salamis to romantic Crusader castles perched along the spectacular Kyrenia mountain range. Tourism is developing only gradually, so the landscape is unspoilt, uncrowded restaurants offer delicious Turkish cuisine and prices remain extremely reasonable. All this, plus reliable sunshine and the friendly welcome of the people, explains why northern Cyprus is becoming an increasingly popular destination for holidays. This revised and updated illustrated guide provides all the information needed for an enjoyable visit: accommodation, transport, nightlife and eating out are covered, as well as the history, culture and flora of the area and suggested touring routes.