Universities in North Cyprus

Post-School education is carried mainly at universities and is organized flexibly so as to provide the widest range of opportunities for further academic training. The Universities are fully committed to modern international learning techniques and provide quality education and research opportunities for national and international students. There is a steady increase in the number of students applying for the universities in the TRNC from abroad.

Most of the universities offer graduate studies leading to master and doctoral degrees.

Apart from the Teachers Training College in Lefkosa and the non-residentive open university, TRNC boasts of fully fledged universities.


  • The Eastern Mediterranean University, is the biggest university in TRNC.
  • Near East University has the privilege of having a boat of its own which is intended to be used by the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management for practical training.
  • The European University of Lefke where more weight is lend on European integration issues.
  • Girne American University has the only Aviation Management study program in North Cyprus. Business Management program also offer Master of Business Administration.
  • International American University is recently established. It intends to become and to stay an exclusive of no more than about 2.000 students.

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Students:

  • All applicants must have a Secondary School or equivalent certified grades and graduate document.
  • All Turkish nationals will be admitted through the OSYM systems. (Turkish National University Entrance Exams)
  • Overseas students are not bound by the entrance examination except at Near East University.
  • Students are required to pay tuition fees at the beginning of each semester. Some universities expect a document of guarantee from a bank for the payment of school fees and expenses.
  • Admitted students who lack the necessary profiency in English are required to enter an intensive English programme.


Eastern Mediterranean University
Near East University
European University of Lefke
International Cyprus University
Girne American University