Eastern Mediterranean University – North Cyprus

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is an international university with a population of over 13,500 students from 67 different countries. With over 1,000 academic staff from around the world (more than 35 nationalities) and modern facilities, the University is committed to maintaining and developing international standards of excellence in teaching and research at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

With such a multicultural perspective, EMU as the oldest and largest university in the Island of Cyprus provides a unique intellectual and cultural environment, where scholars of diverse nationalities and cultures can meet and freely exchange information and ideas, while learning in an exciting atmosphere of experimentation and scholarship.

A Modern Education
The University originated as a Higher Technological Institute established in 1979, and received its parliamentary Charter as a trust-endowed university in 1986. Eastern Mediterranean University is dedicated to its vision as an institution of higher learning; to the dissemination of knowledge through high-quality teaching; to promoting the discovery of knowledge through scholarly research; and to the application of knowledge for the good of humanity.

EMU`s ongoing commitment to international standards of excellence in teaching and research has enabled it to attract teachers and scholars from all around the world, and it has become the first choice of exceptional students from some 67 countries. Since being established, EMU has graduated over 11,000 students. A university education today means preparation for modern living, and Eastern Mediterranean University is committed to its purpose of qualifying students for personal and professional success in life. With its modern facilities and diversity of fields of study, the University provides a broad-ranging contemporary education aimed at developing independence and originality of mind and spirit, encouraging individuals to realize their full potential, and training competent professionals who will play significant roles in today`s rapidly changing society.

At the Crossroads of Culture
EMU is ideally located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a country with a rich archaeological, historical, and cultural legacy. Centrally situated in the Mediterranean at the crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, North Cyprus has been a meeting-place of civilizations and cultures throughout the centuries; today, it continues to be a crossroads of cultures, both traditional and modern. The campus stretches over an area of 2,000,000 m2 on the outskirts of the Venetian walled city of Gazimagusa (Famagusta), near the well-preserved remains of the ancient port and town of Salamis, the archaeological site of the Late Bronze Age settlement of Engomi, the tomb of St. Barnabas, and the Tower of Othello made famous by Shakespeare`s eponymous play. The campus is only a short distance away from numerous historically important sites, ranging from Crusader castles and Byzantine churches, to a museum containing the world`s oldest commercial shipwreck, to the prison of the poet Namik Kemal, the tombs of the whirling dervishes, and mosques built during the period of Ottoman rule.

The wealth of cultural resources of the University and the historical, cultural heritage of its surroundings creates a unique educational environment, and an unparalleled experience, which is both personally rewarding and intellectually stimulating.

Programs of Study
The common language of instruction in all courses at Eastern Mediterranean University is English; an essential international orientation in an era of global information exchange. EMU offers a wide range of undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor`s degree, in engineering, the natural sciences, computer science, business studies, international relations, architecture, law, Turkish, communication and media studies, and English language and literature. Most departments also offer programs of advanced study leading to Master`s and Doctoral degrees. Currently, there are 21 master`s programs and 11 doctoral programs. The School of Computing and Technology provides a degree program as well as 9 diploma programs in technical subjects, and the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management offers both two-year associate degree and four-year degree programs; part-time evening courses are available under the Adult Education Scheme.

The degree programs offered by Eastern Mediterranean University are fully accredited by the Council of Higher Education of Turkey (Y�K). Many graduates of EMU pursue advanced studies at the Master`s or Doctoral level in European, Middle Eastern, American, Australian, and other universities. Others are successfully employed in positions of responsibility in more than 40 different countries.

Research and Teaching
EMU is actively engaged in recruiting able scholars and researchers who are also dedicated and energetic educators. The majority of professors teaching at the University have received their Doctoral degrees in Europe or the United States. The faculty comprise a diverse international community of scholars, from the U.S. and Canada; Europe, including Britain, Ireland, Turkey and North Cyprus; the Middle East; and Asia, including Russia and the Independent Republics.

The University encourages and promotes scholarly research and publication in all academic fields of study, and many faculty members are also actively involved in the community, as professional writers, editors, advisors to the government, or consultants to businesses and industrial corporations; in consequence, they are able to bring to their teaching the expertise and professionalism that comes from experience.

Eastern Mediterranean University and its various departments are affiliated with numerous professional and academic associations, such as the Community of Mediterranean Universities, the European Society for Engineering Education, and the Association of Departments of English of the Modern Language.

The University is also continuing to expand and develop its protocols for mutual cooperation and collaboration, including joint research projects and exchanges of faculty and students, with over 40 universities and research institutions in Turkey, Europe, and the United States.

Cyprus is located only forty miles from the coast of Turkey, and there are frequent regular flights to North Cyprus from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and other major cities. The trip from Turkey to North Cyprus takes about one hour. Ercan International Airport in North Cyprus is approximately twenty-eight miles from the city of Gazimagusa, and the distance can be covered by bus in about thirty minutes. There are also ferry services from Gazimagusa to the port of Mersin, and from Girne in North Cyprus to the port of Tasucu in Turkey.

Web Site Address: http://www.emu.edu.tr