Cyprus Policy Center (CPC), EMU

The Cyprus Policy Center (CPC) was founded at Eastern Mediterranean University in collaboration with the ARI Movement in November 2004. The mission of CPC is to contribute to the solution of domestic and international problems and promote regional and global peace through encouraging participatory democracy, and advancing the think tank concept.

As the first steps of its mission, CPC is dedicated:

To producing participatory solutions, based on knowledge and universal values, to the challenges faced by North Cyprus domestically as well as in the international arena;

To setting strategies in the areas of economics, politics, international relations, education, culture and sports, aimed at the enrichment of a prosperous, open and democratic society in North Cyprus;

To providing a new vision for Cyprus in accordance with the basic agreed principles of he international community, such as political equality and respect for the distinctive identities of the two peoples in Cyprus;

To producing white papers engineered to provide solutions to the specific economic, political and social problems of North Cyprus and to keep pace with globalization;

To contributing to the social, cultural, industrial and technological interaction of North Cyprus with diverse regional and global entities, primarily the EU, the US, and the countries of the Middle East;

To becoming a pressure group committed to introducing the concerns of the Turkish Cypriot people in global foreign policy and world public opinion;

To becoming involved in fostering increased understanding and further developing the multi-faced relationship between the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots.

The Cyprus Policy Center has adopted the following five values as its principles for democratic change in North Cyprus:

  • Rule of law
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Ethics
  • Human Rights and Responsibilities

The Center's activities include promoting think tanks, conducting research, and preparing educational programs; carrying out joint events, seminars, conferences and long-term projects; arranging exchange programs with local and international NGOs; hosting delegations from around the world; fostering dialogue between opinion leaders, decision makers and researchers from North Cyprus, other countries and international institutions; taking into account historical experience, and producing white papers and other publications regarding important policy issues in the following fields;

The Cyprus Conflict
North Cyprus Lobby abroad (designed to work towards the lifting of restrictions on the Turkish Cypriot people)
North Cyprus - European Union Relations
North Cyprus - Turkey Relations
North Cyprus Domestic Political, Economic and Social Problems

The Center emphasizes a global approach in its programs. Contact and cooperation with international institutions and experts are encouraged, as well as with the Turkish Cypriot and Turkish public and private institutions and experts. In this regard, the Center will operate in a strategic alliance, on the one hand with domestic and international funding agencies, and on the other, with the academic world.