Girne American University – North Cyprus

Girne American University was founded in 1985 as an independent, non-profit institution of higher education. From its establishment, the university has focused on providing access to an American-based higher education to the widest possible group of young learners. In charting its course for the next century, GAU will continue to be guided by this special mission.

To serve its central purpose GAU uses a wide range of strategies: it fosters a variety of instructional approaches, it encourages scholarship, it engages in collaborative community service, and it empowers its constituents to become responsible citizens in an interdependent, pluralistic, global community.

Since 1985, GAU has grown in its understanding of itself, as a modern University. Although geographically dispersed, GAU is one University.

Today GAU has a clear identity as a Traditional University with a non-traditional set-up. Over the next five years, it will further transform itself into a knowlege age University. Programmes at GAU will increasingly offer students the opportunity to experience and explore the interchange of theory and practice through technology and service-learning opportunities.

In a Vision for the Academic Year 2001, setout in1996, the Chancellor called upon the University to live up to its potential of becoming the premier institution serving the educational needs of young learners so as to become their university of choice. Pursuit of this goal has made GAU distinctive. Over the next five years, the University, will continue its efforts to cement its relationship with both young and adult learners, so that the University, and its programmes are the first choice of students seeking education.

Over the next five years, (the new age) GAU plans to place online many of the programmes it currently offers via traditional means.

GAU recognizes that computer technology has made the home and the workplace the most convenient sites for education. This same technology provides the University with a fresh means of fulfilling its core value of access.

For the linkage to be meaningful, especially at work, these learning opportunities must be available when the student wishes to access education (just in time), must be at least, as current in content and approach as other educational programes, and must be focused on what is relevant to the students` world. These learning opportunities must be modular in format so that a student is able to select tailored learning opportunities.

Over the next five years, GAU will place many of its programs online. It will also enter into partnerships with business and schools to provide tailored professional development online. GAU's goal is to become a University with and without walls, a University located in time and place but unhampered by constraints of either in the fulfillment of its mission. To do this, GAU must maintain constant awareness of the impact of technology and how it changes knowledge and learning. GAU will evaluate its courses, and programs to be sure the curriculum and learning strategies reflect these changes.

As a knowledge - age University, GAU will strive to empower its graduates in the new workplace. Through their educational programes, students will maximize their abilities to confront a problem when faced with an unfamiliar situations and to work effectively towards a solution, and to apply knowledge to complex situations. Graduates will be encouraged to actively relate new ınformation to previous knowledge and experience, to search for patterns and underlying principles, and to check for supporting evidence when arriving at a solution.

As successful knowledge workers, who practice lifelong learning, our graduates will view the University as their constant partner.

GAU understands that change is persuasive, and the University by design is positioned to accept challenges and competition, associated with higher education in the 21st Century. By being open to continuous environmental changes, the University will achieve its goal of being the prominent University serving young leaders.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is situated in the Mediterranean, some 40 miles from the coast of mainland Turkey. There are numerous shipping and airline services from Turkey, and to Turkey from across the world. Syria lies 60 miles from its shores, and Egypt 250 miles.

To get to North Cyprus and GAU you must cross the sea either by plane or by ferry. You must travel via Turkey. It is usually most convenient to fly via the Atatürk Airport in İstanbul.

The Karmi Campus of GAU is found at Karaoğlanoğlu, a few kilometres from our "University Town" of Girne. The University bus service is on constant rotation from Girne, and from the dormitories in the Town Centre, to the University. This service for students runs every half an hour.

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