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Near East University (NEU) is a private international institution of higher education founded in Nicosia in 1988.

The main objective of this institution is to give students a sound education and bring them up as confident and responsible individuals with creative and inquisitive minds.

Today Near East University consists of a select student population from eighteen different countries; hence its international identity. NEU with its ample educational facilities and academically highly qualified staff from 12 different countries is the only institution of higher education in Nicosia the capital city of North Cyprus rendering quality education.

Towards establishing close ties between Near East University and other universities primarily in Turkey, the United States, England, Australia, Kazakstan and Azarbaijan protocol agreements have been undersigned and put into effect.

The medium of instruction at the Near East is English. Students with a good background of English may directly start from the degree program while those with little or no knowledge of English at all are exposed to a highly intensive English program in the English Preparatory School for a duration of at least one academic year.

All newly enrolled students to the university have to take the English Proficiency and Placement Exam, which will help determine their English language aptitude. Currently, 28% of the students receiving education at the Near East are on scholarship, and the ratio of students on scholarship is expected to reach 50% by the year 2000. Students, upon request, can complete the Teacher Training Program offered by the Psychology Department to become teachers at secondary schools.

The University also offers graduate programs under the guidance and coordination of the Graduate School of Social and Applied Sciences.

Near East University currently has 7 Faculties with 20 Departments and a Sport Academy offering courses at undergraduate and graduate levels:

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; Faculty of Engineering; Faculty of Architecture; Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Faculty of Maritime Studies; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Communicative Arts and Sciences; Sport Academy;

Olympic Size in-door Swimming Pool: The olympic size in-door swimming pool was opened with a magnificent ceremony on may 19, 1997. There are seats to hold up to 1000 spectators. The modern interior design and the cosy atmosphere of the cafe are also assets to the ONE and ONLY in-door swimming pool of the island. The pool is designed for swimming and diving competitions, water-ball and water-ballet. In April 1999 the first international swimming championship was organized by the university.

Atatürk Congress Centre: The inauguration of the Atatürk Congress Centre in November 1997, coincided with the Near East University's International Conference On Water Problems in the Mediterranean Countries. 300 scientists from 43 different countries participated with 182 papers and the conference lasted from 17 to 21 November 1997. From the first day the Centre has given hundreds of artists, scientists, art critics and thousands of students opportunities to visit a great many art exhibitions and attend scientific and cultural conferences. The Atatürk Congress Centre has got two conference halls which can accommodate up to 140 people each and a further two conference halls which can accommodate 120 people each. The Exhibition Centre is approximately 450 square metres with a 150 square metre entrance and reception area. The 1000 seat amphi-theatre is the focal point for education, culture and art. The theatre is an important cultural establishment for North Cyprus, providing facilities for film shows, concerts and conferences. The fully air-conditioned and centrally heated theatre provides a T.V. studio for students studying in the Faculty of Communicative Arts and Sciences. In addition, the Centre provides simultaneous translation rooms, administrative offices, changing and make-up rooms and workshops, which will meet the needs of our people in educational, cultural and artistic activities.

Dorana Hotel: Parallel to the development in tourism and with a view to supplying the industry with dynamic and properly trained managers the NEU has acquired and is managing a 3 star hotel in the centre of Kyrenia and a travel agency in the capital, Nicosia. Both of these establishments add an extra dimension to the studies in the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of the university. The Dorana Hotel and Dorana Travel Agency along with the Near East Teal, the university's own training boat, provide students with opportunities to gain practical experience.

NEU TEAL Research and Training Boat: The Near East University is the only institution of higher education on the island possessing a training boat. The initial purpose underlying the purchase of this boat is to enable students majoring in the different branches of the Faculty of Maritime Studies to have their classes on board ship, and also enable Tourism and Hotel Management majors to carry out their practical courses and complete part of their training period on the boat. The boat is not only at the service of the education system of the country but readily available for the use of the local and international underwater archaeologists.

The Near East University has contributed significantly to the preservation of the environment and to underwater research projects which are run in collaboration with sister universities.

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