Amphibia in North Cyprus

The Green Toad (Buffo viridis)

It is almost exclusively nocturnal. The only amphibian found all over the island.

The Tree-Frog (Hyla Savignyi)

It is found in the Lefke region, South of the Northern Range and the Karpaz. The mating calls of the male are heard between the months of January and April.

The Marsh Frog (Rana ridibunda)

It is comparatively rare, living in the water reservoirs of Gonyeli and Kanlikoy, the Kanlidere stream and in the waters around Lefke.

The Caspian Waterturtle (Mauremya caspica)

Once very common in the marshes around Yayla and Gazimagusa, since these were drained, it has retreated to small area around the Kanlidere stream. It is highly endangered there too, due to rapid urbanization.