Constitution of 1960

Under the Cyprus Act, 1960, the island became an independent sovereign republic on 16 August 1960. The constitution provided for a Greek Cypriot President and a Turkish Cypriot Vice-President to be separately elected for five-year terms by the Greek and Turkish communities respectively. Members of the House of Representatives were to be elected for five years by universal suf`ragd. each community and the House was to consist of 35 Greek and 15 Turkish members.

As stipulated by the Constitution, 35 Greek and 15 Turkish members were elected on the basis of separate Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot electoral lists. The first meeting of the House of Representatives was held on 16 August 1960 and the 15 Turkish members together with 35 Greek members took their oaths of office on the same daxYQus British rule over Cyprus came to an end on 16 August 1960 by virtue of the Zurich and London Agreements of 1959, and the Republic of Cyprus based on the partnership of the Turkish and Greek peoples of the island was established.