Social Philosophy

The social philosophy of the TRNC is based on modern western systems of thought first introduced by Ataturk, founder of modern Turkey. The basic tenets of this philosophical system are: an acceptance of the supremacy of the state, relenteless opposition to all foreign intervention, combined with a non-partisan support of all citizens, and upholding Turkish nationalism. All individuals regardless of race and religious persuasion are equally respected before the law, and free to practise their respective modes of worship. There is an uncompromisrng rejection of all forms of totalitarianism such as fascism and communism, combined with an unswerving espousal of democratic methods such as freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of election. However, cexploitation of these freedoms for ends in conflict with the betterment the community is not permitted. designed to maintain human happiness through the bndgin~ofsocial and economic gaps are upheld Thus the economic system favoured is a mixed economy wliere the state co-operates with and supports private enterprise side by side with state ownership of appropriate enterprises. Politically, the government stnves to maintain neutrality before political parties, institutions, and individuals, while pursuing only those policies which have the best interests of the nation in mind.