Bufavento Castle


The Buffavento Castle is one of the three castles constructed on the Kyrenia Range as a line of defence against the Arab attacks - the other two being the St. Hilarion Castle, and the Kantara Castle. The Buffavento Castle is on a hill top 950 metres above sea level. In the Lusignan period (1192-1489), the castle is referred to as the "Lion Castle"; during this period the castle was used as a prison. In the Venetian period the Buffavento Castle was neglected, as castles on the coastline had emerged as being of greater use for the defence of Cyprus.

The castle consists of two sections: the lower castle and the higher section. The lower castle has an arched entrance. The rooms opposite the entrance were used for storing provisions and as dormitories. There is a cistern under the rooms. The red brick workmanship on the arches of gates and rooms is of the Byzantine style. Little has remained of the church that used to be here. ?Buffavento? means ?Insubordinate to the Wind?. The Trodos Mountains and a beautiful scenery is visible from the castle.

Location: Kyrenia