Public Holidays in North Cyprus

January 1st:     New Years Day
April 23rd:     Children's Day
May 1st:     Labour Day
May 19th:     Youth and Sports Day
July 20th:     Day of Peace & Freedom (Anniversary of the Turkish Intervention)
August 1st:     Day of Communal Resistance
August 30th:     Victory Day
October 29:     Turkish National Day
November 15th:     Independence Day (of the T.R.N.C.)

In addition to these, there are several religious holidays. The dates on which these occur vary, as they are related to the month of fasting, Ramazan, which is calculated according to the Lunar calendar. Seker Bayram, or the Sugar Festival, takes place at the end of Ramazan and continues for three days. Kurban Bayram occurs two months after the Seker Bayram, and lasts for four days.