Transportation in North Cyprus

Busses, minibusses, and service taxis (dolmus) ply the routes between all the towns and many of the larger villages. Regular taxis are als available. Busfares are cheap, and taxis are very reasonable. Whilst public transport will enable the visitor to enjoy `rubbing shoulders` wit the locals, those with limited time are advised to hire a car. The prices are affordable to those used to European rates - in the region of twelve pounds a day during the prime season, and less at other times. A international driving licence, or a national licence valid in the motorist home country is required. Cypriots drive on the left hand side of the road, as in England. However, there are many left hand drive cars to L seen, which are imported from Turkey. Less experienced drivers are urged to select a right-hand-drive vehicle from the hire car company Visitors are alerted to the `free field` style of driving common encountered in Cyprus. Note that petrol stations are not ubiquitous: if you anticipate exploring more remote areas, ensure that you tank up first.

There are numerous car-hire companies to choose from: a few (in Krenia) are listed below. Phone around for the best deal, and check that the hand-brake, indicators, lights etc. function, before you drive away.